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Creating a Sustainability Ecosystem at WPI

By Rev. Debora Jackson, DMin, Dean, WPI Business School –

WPI embraces a culture of sustainability from the WPI campus and across the globe, building on our project-based curriculum to advance innovative solutions that support all three broad goals of sustainability: environmental stewardship, economic security, and social justice. We advance this culture of sustainability by embracing our campus as a living and learning laboratory, developing our local and regional community as a sustainability innovation hub, and engaging with our partners worldwide to address global sustainability challenges throughout the WPI Community.

GOAL 1: ACADEMICS - Graduates will leave

campus with the mindset and abilities to develop sustainable solutions to the world’s problems.

  • WPI students have the awareness, ability, and motivation to integrate sustainability into their academic programs.

  • Through academic programs, students advance all aspects of sustainability in a way that will have meaningful, positive impact.

GOAL 2: OPERATIONS AND FACILITIES - Principles of sustainability guide our actions as well as our academic and research programs.

  • WPI reduces environmental impacts by reducing the use of energy, water, waste, and other resources, and by considering creative ideas to incentivize and promote efficiency.

  • WPI operaDons and facilities support the promotion of a healthy campus environment by assuring a safe, welcoming campus that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion, and by providing sustainable alternatives.

GOAL 3: RESEARCH, SCHOLARSHIP & INNOVATION - Our research and scholarship will make significant contributions to the technologies, the policies, and the mindset to help assure a sustainable world.

  • Through research innovation and entrepreneurship, WPI’s research and scholarship provide practical contributions in sustainability that encompasses and integrates a range of disciplines.

  • By incorporating cooperative systems approaches, WPI’s research and scholarship provides leadership in sustainability.

GOAL 4: COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT - Every member of the WPI community will engage in sustainability related education, awareness, action, and service, to achieve positive, long-lasting change.

  • WPI maintains a “culture of sustainability”, in which all WPI community members are engaged in activities that embrace and advance sustainability; and in which WPI recognizes and communicates sustainability impacts across all organizational, community, and academic activities.

  • WPI engages with communities beyond the WPI campus through effective dissemination, project engagement, partnering, and initiatives to support the communities in their sustainability efforts.

Download a PDF of this information below.

WPI - Sustainability Ecosystem - Debora
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