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Transforming business education to meet global unsustainability’s survival and flourishing challenges NOW.


About Us

We invite you to join an initiative addressing the problem of global unsustainability – a reality that threatens the continuing existence of our own and other species. Around the world individuals, groups, institutions, and nations are recognizing the need to transform who we are as individuals and how we produce, distribute, and consume the goods and services we need to live fulfilling lives.  This initiative is part of that worldwide movement and is contributing to its growth and impact.

In this initiative, the world’s business schools are no longer teaching, researching, and legitimizing the business-as-usual mindsets and practices that are destroying the planet’s capacity to support our own and other species. Instead, they are aligning their teaching and much of their research toward the creation of a sustainable, flourishing, and regenerating world and doing so much faster than many of us would have guessed three years ago. And they are working with businesses and other institutions as they bring about similar transformations.

Business schools are excellent leverage points for being leaders in this global movement and bringing about these transformations through their network of students, professionals, and others. The schools possess the global reach, the intellectual and financial resources, the global visibility, and the sheer numbers to take the current movement to the next level. Business schools have served as incubators of change in the past and can do so again faster, cheaper, better, and sooner than any other lever of society.

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