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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What Global Movement is?

  2. What the world’s Global Movement is – (that we are part of)

  3. How World's Global Movement and Global Movement fit together

  4. What is the “real goal” of Global Movement?

  5. What Global Movement is not

  6. What do we mean by a “More-than” framing and way of being – not “either/or” thinking and not even “both/and” thinking and acting

  1. Where did come from? The Backstory

  2. The context – climate change is real and global business education is part of the problem 2016 100&change 2019 100&change

  3. Where is now?

  4. Business schools enrolled

  5. What the schools are doing as part of

  6. How to learn from their experiences

  7. How to contribute to their progress Is it too late to join

  8. What you can do if you do not join

  9. The current MIT EDx Theory U MOOC

  10. Relation to GAIA

  11. Where is going next?

  12. 2022 100&change “application”

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1. What is the approach we are following: 

a. building the bridge as we walk on it

b. multiple parallel R&D projects

c. the power of commitment

d. empowering folks to act now


2. What is the theory of change

a. David Gleicher’s DVP model of change

b. Rapid proto-typing

c. Overcoming the temptation to disempower ourselves


3. Why focus on/start with business schools?

a. Jim Collins’ hedgehog concept

b. Need to stop doing the “devil’s work”

c. Opportunity to do “the work of the angels”


4. What are the greatest confusions about

a. Either/or thinking

b. Preparing folks to make a difference in 20 or 30 years


5. What have we learned?


6. How can folks get involved?


7. Where did that 2.4 million dollar number come from


8. … and where did that idea “go”?

a. how we discovered we do not need 2.4 million each


9. Why aren’t we asking for money contributions to

a. Why doing it for nothing is better than doing it for 2.4 million or even 240,000 see see send

b. but why we are applying for a possible 2022 100&change competition


10. What role did the MacArthur Foundation play in creating


11. Why do (you/we) say this project may be the most successful of all 100&change application?

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